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Exterior Home Painting
New home painting

Chipped paint and stains can take away all the beauty of your home. Are you ready to instantly improve your home's curb appeal with paint? We offer the best residential painting service at Marc Riverman Painting, LLC. 

Our experts provide refinishing cabinets, staining decks and fences, and interior and exterior painting services. 

Fresh coat of paint

We understand a fresh coat of paint can instantly change the look of your porch, exterior finish, deck, and more. From touching up the trim to full exterior painting services, there is nothing Marc Riverman Painting, LLC can't handle. 

You can reach out to our residential painters to transform your home with the best colors. 

Our Top Residential Painting Services 

Refresh the walls of your house with our professional and trusted residential painters. The right wall colors can make your home feel welcoming, but a dull color can make it gloomy. 

When you hire Marc Riverman Painting, LLC, you can rest assured because our professionals can restore the beauty of your home. 

We offer not just one service but a range of services, so you are fully covered in any project you need. 

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Interior Home Painting

#1 Interior Home Painting 

You can get the best interior home painting from Marc Riverman Painting, LLC. Our excellent quality painting service is durable and can elevate the overall look of your home. 

Marc Riverman Painting, LLC works with a team of dedicated professionals who take pride in offering hassle-free service. Our team will never let you down, no matter how challenging the residential painting work is. We charge per square foot for the paint job. 

Stain and Lacquer 

#2 Stain and Lacquer 

Marc Riverman Painting, LLC has a good reputation in the market for offering the best stain removal and lacquer service. Our team is determined to provide excellent lacquer service so the wooden item at your home can have a glossy finish. 

You can choose from high gloss to ultra-matte finish for wood siding, furniture, and more to match the interior of your home. 

Cabinet Refinishing

#3 Cabinet Refinishing

For cabinet refinishing jobs, you can trust the dedicated team of Marc Riverman Painting, LLC. Our professionals offer affordable and best-in-class cabinet refinishing work so your cabinet can look as good as new. 

Interior Doors and Trim 

#4 Interior Doors and Trim 

You can trust the experts of Marc Riverman Painting, LLC, for the best interior doors and trim service. Our premium quality interior wood doors and trim service makes all the difference between an ordinary house and an extraordinary home. 

Deck and Fence Staining 

#5 Deck and Fence Staining 

Our best-in-class deck and fence staining service can add a sense of beauty, safety, and serenity to your home. Marc Riverman Painting, LLC professionals can refresh even the worst-looking deck and fence.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings 

#6 Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings 

If you want to put epoxy on the garage floor, let Marc Riverman Painting, LLC, experts handle the work because they know the job. We use premium-quality tools to offer the kind of finish that you want.

We charge per square foot for the epoxy garage floor coating service. You can trust us because we promise to offer the best service at an affordable price. 

Color Consultants

#7 Color Consultants

Before painting the exterior walls of your home, you can contact us for color consultant service. Our experts can suggest a premium-looking color for your home's exterior and interior. 

Our exterior painters use a paint sprayer, latex paint, oil based paints, or lead based paint for the paint job. We charge per square foot for the paint job to maintain an affordable price range. 

Our Process 

The hassle-free, quick, and premium exterior home painting services keep our customers satisfied. To keep a fair charge, we calculate our exterior house painting cost per square foot. 

We promise to offer better quality work than your previous paint job by using high-quality paint and painting supplies. 

Here's what our exterior painting project process looks like.


Honest Estimating

When you choose us for the exterior painting job, our experts offer you a straightforward estimate with no hidden cost. Our team will 

Visit your home to check your home's exterior and interior
Schedule house painting work
Provide you with a project timeline
Offer free, non-obligation exterior painting costs estimation and suggest how many gallons of paint you need 



We cover switchboards, furniture, and other items with plastic sheets, so they don't get dirty when we paint the exterior and interior. 


Thorough Preparation

We prepare the walls for a fresh coat of paint. Our prep work includes scraping, sanding, caulking, filling gaps, and sometimes power washing. 


Apply Primer

For the best durability and adhesion of the paint, we first apply primer and let it dry.



We paint the wall with the highest quality paints. After the first coat dries, we apply two coats or more coats to get the desired color. Whether you have a two-story home or apartment, we promise to use less paint for the work. 


Clean Up

After the paint job, we clean up your home, so no single drop of paint remains on the floors or other places. We inspect our job to ensure you 100% satisfaction. 

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Why Choose Marc Riverman Painting, LLC For Residential Painting Service

When you choose Marc Riverman Painting, LLC for exterior painting work, you can rest assured about getting the best service. We are determined to capture your dreams and enhance your home by adding the right colors to your world. 

Our hassle-free interior painting service is what makes us better than our competitors. We give the best makeover to your home at economical rates. Our qualified supervisors guarantee a smooth flow of work so you can trust the process. 

Our goal is to offer the best painting service to enhance your home's curb appeal. When you are ready to get the best interior and exterior painting work, contact us. 

Your Home is an Investment. Treat it Accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint the exterior in the rainy season?
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We try to offer our premium painting work under the scheduled time. But if the delay happens due to weather, we will do our best to reschedule the painting job in a timely manner. 

Should exterior painting be done in cold weather?
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Painting work should generally not be done in cold weather because the wall doesn't get the desired finishing and coat. 

How often should I paint my home?
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If you get the best painting work, you won't need the service again until the next 10 years.