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Choosing Painting Companies in Bend

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All throughout Bend and Central Oregon, there is no shortage of new construction for home and business owners. As a result, there are also a lot of options for painting services, painters, and painting jobs in general. But, how are you supposed to determine which painting company, painting contractor, or simply professional painters are going to do the best work? That's the question we intend on answering here, and it depends on a whole host of different factors.

Know your painting needs

So many factors go into determining the difference between a good job, an excellent job, and a fantastic job. First, you'll need to decide if you're looking for exterior painting services, interior painting services, and ultimately the size of the painting project. Are you needing a whole house or building painted, or just a few small areas or walls? Do you need it done in a timely manner or are you flexible? Are there other issues you need addressed; for example, do you need to paint baseboards, get a counter installation, or install cabinets, flooring, or doors?

For many home and business owners in Bend and Central Oregon, it can be hard enough to know your painting needs, let alone how to sort through all the painting companies Bend, Oregon has to offer.

Once you've decided on the type of painting job you need, you'll need to start considering other factors.

Google can tell you a lot, but it can't tell you everything about exterior painting and interior painting

When it comes to professional painters serving clients and, more specifically, serving Bend, you can get a good idea as to who is doing exceptional work simply by reading reviews of painting contractors using Google. Additionally, in many cases you can identify quality work from local painters by looking at pictures of completed painting work. This probably seems obvious, but most painting contractors and professional painters love to show off and highlight their painting projects whenever possible, so be sure to always look at any pictures you can find of of their finished product.

Read between the lines

Other things to note using a simple Google search for local painters in Bend and Central Oregon are testimonials, or reviews from satisfied customers. These reviews are often the bread and butter of a painting contractor, so always be sure to read reviews closely. Do they mention high quality paint or premium paints? Is the company you're looking at a full service painting contractor or do they only focus on one specific aspect, like cabinet painting and cabinet refinishing, trim work, or exterior painting services only?

It can be easy to get caught up in a good 5 star review, but again, always be sure that you are focused on understanding your painting needs and how a painting project will flow with a professional painter versus larger painting companies. A professional painter may be more niche in their approach, whereas painting contractors tied to larger painting companies may be more robust in their approach and what they can tackle.

Keep your paint job local

Bend and Central Oregon are growing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hire a locally owned company. That money funnels into our economy and keeps small businesses (even if they're pretty big) alive and well. The best painters can also offer clients a competitive bid, often with a free estimate resulting in competitive pricing-- or at least within a reasonable price point.

Other benefits of using a locally owned company are that they can be more direct with you in terms of communication. Many locally owned painting companies can offer a color consultation-- meaning they can help you identify the perfect color combination for your home project, business project, or anything else you may be looking for. The best cabinet painters Bend, OR offers often have extensive experience completing painting jobs in popular locations throughout Central Oregon, so even driving through a neighborhood where you know they've worked can give you an idea to the quality work they do on an exterior paint job. House painters in particular are easier to identify in this way than, say, a commercial painting job.

The bottom line for painting companies

Just like great painters, it pays to be detail oriented when it comes to deciding on painters in Bend and Central Oregon, With no shortage of options, not unlike paint colors, whether for commercial customers or homeowners, you need to be diligent before committing to a painting company for whatever paint job you may have.

You may also need to consider whether you would recommend these painting contractors to friends and family, or if you'd use them again on future projects of your own. The finished project won't be just "fine;" the best painters in Bend will have a reputation for high quality work, use high quality paint, and will have completed a high number of painting projects, which you should be able to verify using Google or cruising through popular locations they've done work in.

When it comes to the interior and exterior painting process, you will also need to ensure you are in contact with the painting companies you're most interested in, since the conversations you have with them will help you determine which direction you'll go. Remember, the best painting companies will have a myriad satisfied customers, offer great and detail oriented work at a reasonable price-- and they may even provide you with a background check if that's something you feel strongly about having.

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